What we do

Over the years, a number of the Real estate agents that I have come in contact with in my day to day appraisal business have reached out to me  and have included my services as integral component of the their real estate transaction by providing an objective, impartial opinion on property values. There several ways performing an appraisal can help you with your transaction


In today’s fluctuating market, sellers may not be up to date with current values and may still be basing their opinions on past years  when values were higher. I can bridge the gap between owners opinions and your BPO’s by providing an accurate current opinion of value with not only recently closed sales in their specific markets but also providing active and pending sales to show current activity and how competing dwellings are currently priced.

Another important component of the listing is to assure the accuracy of the size of the dwelling. The adjusted square footage is a figure utilized for tax purposes but are not necessarily the actual gross living area of the property. The gross living area represents the area under air. This is the actual figure the seller is conveying and buyer is purchasing. It is important to have an accurate size so there are no surprises later once a formal appraisal is order from a lender. I have been part of many transactions that have fallen apart because the actual living area have been considerably smaller than the tax    records reflect and therefore property has not appraised. On the flip side if the dwelling is larger you want to price the listing accordingly and not offer the property below market.

Cash Deals

In today’s tightening banking environment, many of the current transaction are cash deals that do not require an appraisal. Recommending an appraisal to your buyer is a sound real estate practice as you are guarantying your  buyer is getting a fair deal. This is achieved by providing both the most  current sales in the market and current active listings of competing dwellings in the market.

Another issue that often comes up in a transaction is a the actual size of the property. The County Tax Assessor provides adjusted square footage. This number represent what the property taxes is based on elaborate calculations that takes into account all built areas on a site. By having an appraisal performed, the buyer and/or seller will know the actual “GLA” (gross living area), the actual area under air. This is the area a typical buyer believes is the actual size of the house. The appraisal I prepare will take all areas into  account including garages and any other structures on site. It is important to compare “apples to apples” and that is achieved by comparing the actual living areas of the “subject” property to that of all comparable sales and listings currently available in the market. This will ensure your buyer knows exactly the size of the dwelling they are buying.

Lastly, if a buyer and seller are at a stalemate where the buyer and seller will not budge from their last offer, an appraisal could be an invaluable tool to show on paper to both parties the true market value. An objective opinion backed by current market data and actual recent sales and photos of the competing properties will go a long way to make your deal a reality.

An appraisal can be an asset to your daily real estate practice and my over 20 years of experience in the South Florida market can provide you with the expertise you need to get the transaction  completed in a professional and accurate manner . Having specialized in the luxury and complex market of South Florida, gives me a unique, second to none understanding of market conditions which will assure you client the most accurate property valuation.

Estate & Tax Appraisals

A part of my appraisal practice has been dedicated to performing appraisal assignments for Certified Public Accountants and Tax Attorneys. Appraisals are often needed for valuing an entity which owns real estate; There are several reasons why appraisals would be needed. These include:

Required as part of a litigation

For due diligence purposes when an investor is looking to make an investment

Valuation for a client analyzing the worth of their company

Real property valuation in relation with an estate/gift planning in the creation of

  • Trusts
  • Family Limited Partnerships
  • Gifting property.

The estate of an individual that passes away which is required to file an estate tax return must provide a value for the estate’s assets for purposes of reporting on the tax return as well as for purposes of carryover tax basis for the individual’s heirs. Appraisals of this nature typically provide a retrospective market valueas the date of death occurred in the past.